About us

Archa is small, independent and non-commercial publishing house seated in Zlin, the Czech Republic. 

It was established in 1990 on the foundations of „samizdat“ edition of Kakost focusing on the works of Petrkov based poet and graphic Bohuslav Reynek.

The publishing house Archa was up to 2009 an axuliary offspring of the bookselling activity. It published fiction, poetry and non-fiction focusing on Zlin region authors, earning many succeses and reviews, among which mainly the critical edition of Bohuslav Reynek´s poetry work met with high acclaim.

Archa re-starts its publishing activity now in 2009 with planned production of 5-10 titles in the field of architecture, art and translations of the literary works of German speaking countries.

The owner of the publishing house Archa is Mr. Pavel Jungmann.